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What is travelsandmore?

For a very long time I toyed with the idea of blogging, but I never had anything interesting or a specialist subject to write about. During my six month trip through Latin America I began to realise that I have finally found a specialist subject I can blog about.

With a little encouragement from a blogging pro I began a blog on a free domain that was actually just my full name .blogspot.com. When I first started the blog it asked me for a header/title so I put travels and more.

Thinking I’d just start with that so my friends and family knew exactly what I was blogging about. A couple of years later and here I am.

When did it all begin?

In a little town on Mexico’s pacific coast called Huatulco. I wrote and published my first ever blog post, An Introduction to Cuba.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging so I could first and foremost, document my travels for the future and also share them with my friends and family.

The original version of this blog looked very different and the posts were generally just musings of my time on the road. I’d blog after every destination I visited in Latin America.

Those posts have developed a lot over the years but I still like to look back on my travels and this blog is a great way to relive those memories.

Where have you travelled to?

I’ve so far travelled to 32 different countries and even more cities – the majority of my travels have been through Latin America and Europe. You can read about North, South and Central America here and Europe travels here.

Who do you travel with?

The majority of my travels have been with my ex boyfriend Jamie who is just the most amazing travel partner.

All of my other travels have been with my friends. I’m fortunate to know a lot of great people who share my love of travel and world exploration, so it makes finding a travel buddy very easy!

Do you have a bucket list?

Of course I have a bucket list. Don’t we all? One of the most frequent questions my friends and family ask me is where to next? I have a vague list of all the countries I’m desperate to see including Belize, Israel and Russia.

But I can’t say there’s anywhere in particular that I wouldn’t travel to. I’m a very open minded traveller and I also don’t mind visiting the same place more than once.

Any upcoming trips?

2018 was a slow year for travel for me. Other than a holiday and a few small Eurotrips with work I didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. 2019 is going to be different though.

With a Mexico/Belize trip fast approaching in June and a trip to Spain later in the year, I already have some adventures to look forward to.

Got questions? If you want to ask me something specific then don’t hesitate to drop me a note.