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On the road… Things to do in Baños, Ecuador

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Visit Baños if you like to get active. That’s why most travellers check it out. There are endless things to do in Baños an its really easy to get to from Quito.

The bus from to Baños from Quito takes 3 hours and will cost you $3.

In Ecuador there is generally a $1 per hour rule for bus journey which makes travelling around the country very budget friendly.

You can spend your time white water rafting, biking, hiking, canyoning and more.

Baños, Ecuador

Baños attracts the masses, the small mountainous destination is alive with thermal springs, tourist friendly restaurants and some pretty unexpected nightlife.

From reggae bars to full on 3 story clubs it’s easy to see why Baños is a popular backpacker destination in Ecuador.

The official name for the town is Baños de Agua Santa, but most people just say Baños.

Baños, Ecuador

The bus to Baños, Ecuador

From Quito, as mentioned the bus will cost you between $3 and $5, a bargain price in a country that uses US dollar as it’s official currency.

You’ll want to take the bus from the Terrestre Quitumbe Station, this is also know as Tumbe, which is much easier to remember. It is located in the Southern part of the city of Quito.

The journey on to Baños will take between 3 and 4 hours for most.

Baños, Ecuador

Where to stay in Baños?

We stayed at Erupcion Backpackers Hostel which is not the same as Erupcion Art Hostel – save yourself the confusion and remember that.

As a group of 5 it made sense for us to book a 5 bed dorm, which worked out to be pretty great!

We shared a nicely decorated, clean and spacious 5 bed dorm with bathroom with a private bathroom. We also had the small courtyard to chill in with added turtle.

Things to do in Baños

Baños attracts many tourists for a bunch of reasons. There are so many things to do in Baños but the main is to ‘swing from the edge of the world’, literally.

You may have seen photos on BuzzFeed lists of things to do before you die. Almost all of the ‘swing at the edge of the world’ references are talking about La Casa del Arbol just outside of Baños, Ecuador.

La Casa del Arbol
La Casa del Arbol

La Casa del Arbol

The swing at the edge of the world

Casa del Arbol aka the swing at the edge of the world draws tourists from near and far to jump on the local bus and travel upwards towards Casa del Arbol, the famous spot and photo opportunity in South America that allows tourists to swing from the edge of the world into the abyss below.

Jump a bus from the main central square in Baños (where the Quito bus drops you off).

The bus costs a couple of dollars and upon reaching the top of the winding route you reach a smaller replica of the swing at Casa del Arbol, you will be charged to use this and many tourists stop off here before heading to Casa del Arbol.

I wouldn’t recommend it, beat some of the crowd and head further up the hill to Casa del Arbol for the real swing, views and experience.

The swing at the edge of the world – La Casa del Arbol is a must do when visiting Baños its mostly very cheap to do and you won’t end up spending more than $10 dollars on the whole experience.

It’s not to be missed plus if BuzzFeed says it should be on your list of things to do before you die then it must be true.

swing at the edge of the world
swing at the edge of the world
swing at the edge of the world

Thermal pools in Baños

One of the other main attractions in Baños are the natural thermal pools that exist in this region due to volcanic activity. This is one of the best and most popular things to do in Baños.

We found ourselves visiting two separate thermal spa’s during our time in Baños. The air in Quito can be crisp and cool due to the Altitude and that goes for Baños too.

The warm waters from the thermal pools and heat from the equator sun mixed with the cool and crisp altitude air make thermal pools and enjoyable visit.

The thermal pools range in temperature from coolest to hottest and you are advised to start at the coolest and make your way to the hottest.

The warmest waters kind of feel like a very hot bath and you can actually feel the volcanic rock beneath your feet bubbling away. The thermal pools we visited also had a freezing cold pool. I wasn’t brave enough for that one.

Thermal pools in Baños, Ecuador

El Salado Pools and Piscinas de la Virgen

We visited El Salado Pools and also Piscinas de la Virgen the most popular thermal pools in Baños. You must wear a cap whilst in the water. You can either buy one or rent one for $2 but you must have one to enter the pools.

At the pools, you can also rent boxes for your clothes and valuables for between $2-$3 depending on the pools you choose to visit.

As I mentioned earlier there are several thermal pools to choose from in Baños and most cost under $5 for the whole day. 

El Salado Pools
Thermal pools

Water sports in Baños

There’s an unrivaled range of water sports activities in Baños, you only need to walk the streets of this small town to see how many.

As one of the best things to do in Baños, we decided to try our hand at white water rafting.

Baños, Ecuador

White water rafting

Now I’ll say this, but if you’re a baby like me you probably want to sit this one out.

My white water rafting experience in Baños was terrifying. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it oddly enough so I’m just going to give in and admit that I’m a scared baby when it comes to water.

White water rafting day trips vary – many start early and can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, most include photos, training, guides and our even included lunch at a local and family owned restaurant on the banks of the Rio.

The tours take place at either the Rio Pastaza or the Rio Patate and the difficulty level also varies depending on your tour package and group preference.  

All tours include transport, wet suits and suitable footwear and the prices range anywhere between $25-$50. Our white water rafting trip cost $30 which seems to be the standard tour price in Baños.

Baños de Agua Santa

Baños is a great place to stop off and enjoy some adventure between Quito and Monatñita.

If you’re into the wilder things such as drowning, white water rafting, canyoning and zip lining then Baños truly is the destination for you.

It’s a small town and hostels fill up but there’s a range of great eateries, bars and plenty to see and do if you aren’t all about the adventure too.

When busses are such good value for money, there really isn’t much of an excuse for tourists heading from Quito to the Southern part of Ecuador not to stop off in Baños.   

Check it out and get your famous swing at the edge of the world photo at La Casa del Arbol whilst you’re at it. 

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