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On the road… Photos from Cusco

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I’d like to pretend that after arriving in Cusco I didn’t spend most of my days in bed dying of altitude sickness and feeling like I was going to die. But, most of my time in Cusco was spent throwing up from the confines of our hostel. From my altitude sickness experience I’m thankful for two things. 1. Booking a private room with a private bathroom. 2. That the particular private room in question had a TV.



Fortunately Jamie was unharmed and able to capture Cusco exactly how I had seen it when I first arrived from Lima and got to spend one glorious altitude sickness-free day in this great city of the Andes.

If you’re planning on visiting Peru no matter how tempting it may seem, no matter how cheap it may be, do not fly from Lima to Cusco. Don’t do it to yourself, save yourself from the aftermath of not adjusting to high altitudes and spare yourself the life altering experience that is altitude sickness. Take the bus to Cusco, the sensible option that most choose.
We left Lima on our Cusco flight unaware of the altitude and temperature changes we’d instantly experience upon arrival. We headed straight to our hostel to dump our bags, Jay’s dad was still with us at this point during his three week Peruvian/Bolivian adventure. We were ready to explore Cusco, boots, coats and all. Cusco was everything I had hoped for, the beautiful city of the Andes our Lonely Planet had described.
If you want to visit The Amazon for a few days from Peru, find out how by La Viva Vida.


We walked the Plaza de Armas and experienced the ‘warriors square’ during the midday rush. Although the restaurants were aplenty there was one place on our mind and that’s where we were heading. The highest Irish pub in the world (apparently) is in Cusco and we made it our very first place of interest to visit. Paddy’s Irish Pub should be on your Cusco to do list.
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Paddy’s Irish Pub, Cusco, Peru


Check me out in the corner – just as the altitude sickness is kicking in

12 degrees was a shock to the system. The tropics seemed so long away and as we were coming to the end of our travels we felt like Cusco was only a taste of what’s to come once we arrived back in England. If you’ve been travelling the Peruvian coast be prepared for the change in temperature due to the altitude.


Many travellers arrive in Cusco and are captivated by the lush green surroundings and fresh clean air. The wild dogs may put some off but they key thing to remember about Cusco is it is the gateway to the Inca World and many choose Cusco as their starting point to get to Machu Picchu.
Tours and busses leave Cusco to the nearby Ollantaytambo where backpackers and tourists board the Inca Rail bus on to Aguas Calientes for Machu Picchu. Many arrive in Cusco and and stop off at Loki Cusco or the Wild Rover hostel in Cusco and find themselves struggling to leave the infamous chain of South American hostel. The Peruvian hot spot of Cusco seems to charm all backpackers as most tend to stay longer than  planned. Perhaps its the altitude.
Due to my illness I couldn’t completely embrace Cusco, the food, I’ve heard was delicious. During the only meal I was in attendance for I watched Jamie sample a Peruvian delicacy Guinea Pig. We also managed to visit during some kind of political rally which led the locals into the streets and the teenagers to cover everyone in sight in foam. (Including us).  From

Since I’m definitely lacking culture and fun filled Cusco tales and musings I best just share the photos Jamie and I were able to take during our time in Cusco, Peru.


Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru


Photos from Cusco, Peru
Photos from Cusco, Peru
A selection of photos from Cusco, Peru

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  1. Oh no! Altitude sickness sounds like no fun! Great to keep in mind though, we'll be visiting South America next year. At least you managed to take some great pictures! 🙂

  2. Ha it seems there is an Irish pub in the most unusual places. Great post. Cusco sounds amazing but seems the altitude sickness is a real struggle.

  3. Wow! Cusco is a gorgeous city. I've wanted to hike the Incan trail and see Machu Picchu as well. I went to Quito, Ecuador, which has similar altitude to Cusco, and I was so worried that I would be affected. But I didn't feel a thing, just a little more out of breath when climbing stairs. 🙂

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