Reasons to travel in your twenties

Travel in your Twenties

As frequent travellers we all know that one person who doesn’t really get it, they can’t justify spending the money, or they don’t understand how you can be away from home for so long. We all know that twenty-something someone that can’t recognise that ever-growing feeling of itchy feet, the wanderlust and the nostalgia of […]

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Travel Hacks: Booking your flights

flight hacks

There isn’t a particular set of rules to follow when you’re booking a flight. We all go about things in different ways but I get so many messages from curious friends asking me about flights, websites, hacks and booking techniques. So I’m going to share the way I do things on and it’s usually as […]

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A little more Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

A handful of photos from our collection of Machu Picchu pictures. From leaving Cusco and arriving in Aguas Calientes to start our journey to Machu Picchu in the early hours. We documented most of the journey in these photos and were fortunate to arrive at the sight early enough to watch the clouds clear as […]

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Visiting Machu Picchu

Peru Rail

A quick flight from Lima to Cusco and a little taste of altitude sickness to get us in the mood for Machu Picchu. We had always planned on visiting Machu Picchu from the early days of our Latin America tour. Visiting Machu Picchu for us was a pinnacle moment in our travels it marked the […]

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Colonial Lima, Peru – The capital on the coast

Lima bus tour

Of all the colonial cities in all of the Spanish colonial countries we’ve visited Lima is by far the most impressive. It bleeds Spanish culture. With no regrets I’ll even say I prefer Lima’s historic centre to Mexico City’s. It’s big, vibrant and there’s no shortage of character. It actually has buildings in every shade of Amarillo you […]

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