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Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania by Lux Express bus

We’ve done the impossible, or so it seemed initially. We managed to take a bus directly to Lithuania from Poland without going through Belarus and without going through Kaliningrad for visa purposes. Here’s how we did it and all the information you need for a smooth journey to Vilnius, Lithuania from Poland via bus. Here’s exactly how we got from Gdansk to Warsaw in Poland then on to Lithuania by bus with Lux Express.


An easy guide for getting to Vilnius, Lithuania from Warsaw, Poland by bus with Lux Express. After searching the internet for hours form a  hostel in Gdansk I began to realise that there aren’t too many ways to travel to Lithuania from Poland without obtaining a visa for Belarus or Russia.

Here’s how I managed to do this trip from Gdansk to Lithuania via. Warsaw, hopefully if you’re looking to do this on public transport you’ll find this useful. 

Poland to Lithuania by bus


We left Gdansk in the northern region of Poland at around 10.00am and took a train to Warsaw. This would be the first part of our journey from Poland to Lithuania by bus. The Lux Express bus to Lithuania departing from Warsaw in Poland was due to leave at 3.00pm.

Our journey from Gdansk to Warsaw was slightly early but we organised it to fit comfortably around the timetables of the big Lux Express bus that would take us from Poland to the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, without going through Belarus or Russia.

Trains from Gdansk to Warsaw depart regularly. but it is important to time your journey from Gdansk to Warsaw as the Lux Express busses leave at specific times.

Its important to note that this journey can be done by train but you will require a visa for Russia to go through Kaliningrad or a visa for Belarus to go through Belarus. This journey is 1. More expensive and 2. Takes twice as long.

A review of Lux Express

Before I get ahead of myself on how to get from Warsaw in Poland to Vilnius in  Lithuania let me explain about Lux Express. Lux Express is a ‘first class’ bus service that operates in the Baltic region of Europe. Lux Express usually operate out of all major cities and bus stations within the three Baltic countries.

Travelling with Lux Express is the ideal way to see all of the Baltic capitals as frequent busses leave round the clock travelling within the Baltics, the service itself is friendly, cheap and efficient with most tickets costing less than €30.

As mentioned above you can take the train through Belarus to Lithuania. It’s a long journey and it requires an expensive Belorussian visa as the three day Kaliningrad, Russia tourist visa no longer exists (since January 2017).

The internet will tell you that the train through Belarus is the only way to do this journey. And as there are no direct trains or busses the travel from Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania by bus does need a little perfect planning to work out, but the main thing is that it is possible to travel from Poland to Lithuania by bus with Lux Express.


The train from Gdansk to Warsaw is pleasant, comfortable and scenic. It takes just under 3 hours and depending on when you’d like to leave the north of Poland and arrive in Warsaw. There are trains to suit almost every travel plan (4.00am is the earliest and will get you to Warsaw before 8.00am). The busses to Lithuania are not as frequent so consider spending the night in Warsaw.

Our train tickets to Warsaw were pricier than expected. We paid 278zloty for two people. Meaning around £27/€30 which doesn’t seem too costly but is relatively steep in comparison to the distance we were travelling and other much more cost efficient routes in Poland.

We knew we needed to be in Warsaw before 3.00pm that same afternoon to take the Lux Express bus to Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city. We had found this journey online after considering many options (even booking a flight) as we were under the impression that we required a Belorussian or Russian visa to take the train, as mentioned previously this information is online with limited info about bus travel from Poland to Lithuania.

After some research and a trip to Gdansk train station we found the Lux Express option online and with reasonably priced tickets we decided to commit to a long distance bus journey to Lithuania.

The bus that would take us from Warsaw to Vilnius


The Lux Express bus tickets from Warsaw in Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania can be purchased online or from a bus station usually. It is always cheaper with Lux Express to buy in advance (even up to the day before you travel) saying that, tickets are relatively cheap anyway if you don’t have that option you can buy on the bus easily, providing there is space.

When we arrived into Warsaw Central Train Station from Gdansk we were looking for a Lux Express kiosk to buy our tickets but there isn’t one.

Warsaw Central Train Station is a huge building situated under a large shopping mall with no real bus information. We had to search online to find where we were looking for and which exit to take. Warsaw Central is a bit of a maze to navigate as you will find  out. It’s not ideal to arrive in a rush.

From Warsaw Central Train Station we took some time to eat and get enough cash for our Lux Express to Lithuania we only had Zlotys at this point and knew we would need Euros as soon as we had crossed the border into Lithuania, bare that in mind. There’s plenty of ATM’s in the station.

Online the cost of the bus to Vilnius from Warsaw was €19 around 82zloty and we figured it would be fine to pay in the local Polish currency rather than Euros. After leaving the station we proceeded to hunt for the Lux Express ticket office via google maps as we figured there must be one close to the bus stop.

This is where I should point out there is no Lux Express ticket office at Warsaw Central. Just a badly signposted bus stop with no ticket office of Lux Express branding. Click here to visit the Lux Express website.

Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania by Bus
This is your s bus stop – Its miss-able so make sure you give yourself enough time to locate it exactly

Warsaw, Poland

Unfortunately, due to our trip being on a tight schedule that would span for 17 days starting in Hamburg and taking us all the way to Tallinn in Estonia. The most I got to see of Warsaw was the inside of a train station and shopping mall.

However, I have heard some truly wonderful things about Warsaw and I have certainly added it to my bucket list. I do plan on spending a day in Warsaw during my next trip to Poland., so I can see more of this great city.

The Lux Express bus stop


The bus stop in question is situated underneath the mall and a massive pink sign that reads Multikino. The bus from Warsaw to Vilnius with Lux Express only departs from this stop outside Warsaw Central Station. The bus stop is number 4 although there was nothing clearly visible to indicate this.

We found out this information by calling the Lux Express office with the phone number given to us on Google Maps. We struggled to find the exact information we needed online.

Because of the lack of concrete information we just decided to call the number on the website to confirm that the bus actually exists and you can pay on the bus in Zloty, just to be sure. If you’re having doubts this is something I’d certainly always recommend. Better safe than stranded.

The ticket office told us the number of the bus stop but we didn’t see any obvious signs or numbering. The stop is on the side closest to the shopping centre and the bus should arrive at least 30 minutes before departure. We gathered with other people hanging around in front of the bus which had fortunately turned up whilst we were inside getting some food.

The Lux Express busses are great and I would highly recommend this service throughout the Baltics region. Also, who can argue with free on board wifi!

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