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Top tips for a Baltic Road Trip

Need some top tips and ideas for your road trip of the Baltic States? If you’re planning the ultimate  Baltic road trip you’ll want some insider information from someone who has done this style of trip. The Baltic Countries are Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia if you don’t already know, and they are each quickly becoming city break favourites within Europe. With the addition of more budget airlines flying from major European cities travel to the Baltics has never been easier and many people take the opportunity to do a Baltic road trip by car or bus through all three countries.



Many people don’t just visit one of the Baltic States or capitals, tourists often choose to visit all three countries of the Baltics in one trip and that’s actually what we did, on our mini backpacking trip through the Baltic countries suddenly became a Baltic road trip. Starting off in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital and heading north through Latvia and Estonia to finish out Baltic States travel back in Riga for our flight home. This is quite common during a trip through this area, but due to transport links it rarely causes inconvenience.

More frequent flights from the UK fly in and out of Riga so don’t be put of by flying in and out of the same country. It is very doable especially during a one or two week Baltic road trip.

Source: Google Maps – Map of the Baltics with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and their neighbouring counties.

Top tips for a Baltic Road Trip to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


Lux express makes Baltic travel very enjoyable, if you plan a Baltic road trip like we did through public transport then listen up. Lux Express is a long distance bus company that operates in the Baltics. If you are planning a trip to the Baltic region, then don’t forget the name. The prices are extremely reasonable and several Lux Express busses leave each of the Baltic States regularly. You can even enter Lithuania from Warsaw, Poland with Lux Express. Read more about that here.

If you have a Baltic Capitals tour planned then Lux Express is perfect for you, although it does stop in many other cities across the Baltic States region they mainly operate out of the Baltic Capitals, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

There is free wifi and onboard entertainment on all Lux Express busses ideal for any road trip. We also only experienced one border crossing passport check during our time travelling between the three Baltic countries. Book your ticket in advance as busses to the Baltic Capitals fill up quickly and it is also cheaper to book ahead of your departure – for those on a budget or backpacking trip.
Lux Express  Bus


Food and cuisine is often a main motivation for a lot of travellers. Foodies be prepared for some of the culinary offerings of the Baltic States and brace yourselves for beer snacks. Beer is the main tipple in the Baltic Countries and whilst doing a trip through the popular Baltics Capitals tour you’ll probably find yourself drinking a lot of the local beer. After all that drinking you’ll want something to soak up the alcohol and that’s where the Baltics beer snacks come in handy. Deep fried garlic bread smothered in cheese is the choice of many in the Baltics and no trip to this region of Europe is recommended without trying some local beer and some local beer snacks.
A top tip for budget travellers visiting the Baltic States – beer snacks are usually very filling and very cheap. A great, but unhealthy eat if you’re looking to save some money.
Beer and beer snacks a stable of the Baltics diet


Backpackers and budget travellers this one is aimed at you, but city breakers and other groups may also be interested in staying at the big 3 party hostels of the Baltic States. Each of the big three party hostels are located in the Baltics Capitals Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

Vilnius is home to Jimmy Jumps House – a friendly chill-meets-party hostel with a free waffle breakfast and 24 hour reception. In Riga you’ll find The Naughty Squirrel the only one of the big 3 we didn’t stay in – not through lack of trying though. Riga is the most popular of the Baltic States to visit and The Naughty Squirrel fills up quickly, always book in advance for this one. Finally, and I’ve saved the best until last you have The Monk’s Bunk in Tallinn and one of my favourite party hostels in all of Europe. If you want to make friends, play beer pong and take part in Tallinn’s most notorious pub crawl then book a bed in The Monk’s Bunk Tallinn. To read more of my experience at the Monk’s Bunk click here.

The Monk’s Bunk, Tallinn, Estonia – One of the big three party hostels


These days European travel is all about the free walking tours and the Baltic Region is no exception. There are free walking tours, historical tours, Old City tours, occupation tours and alternative tours available in all three of the Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And to be honest you’d be a fool to not join one on your Baltic road trip. Ran by locals – permit holding tour guides take you through their city and show you the ins and outs of the Baltic Culture.

Find out the best places to eat, drink and see through the eyes of a local. Although I hate to say the phrase, if you’re looking for some ‘hidden gems’ your walking tour guide is your go to source of information. Free walking tours are a must when travelling the Baltic countries and as part of a Baltic road trip.

Free walking tour – Vilnius with Locals, Vilnius, Lithuania


The main reason to visit? Three new countries to sink your teeth into.

What more of an excuse do you need to visit three new accessible and relatively unexplored countries? Visiting the Baltic Region as part of a Baltic States Trip makes visiting three new countries in one go extremely easy. The Baltics Railway (Rail Baltica) that’s set to be in place and active from 2025 onwards may open up the Baltic States to much more intense mass tourism and although that isn’t necessarily a bad or good thing. Why not see these three historically fascinating and cultural states before then? Flights to Riga from the UK are far cheaper and more regular than ever before as mentioned and bus travel through the three Baltic States is cheap, reliable and the perfect option for booking a road trip though the Baltics.





Location of ‘The Baltic States’

Location of the Baltic Countries – Northern Europe. Seasonality and seasons generally impact this region massively in terms of travel. Winters can be very cold and summers can be warm. If you are travelling to the Baltic States from outside of Europe make sure you pack appropriately.

Eating in The Baltics

Eating and drinking isn’t always cheap in Europe at the best of times, especially in Old Historic Centres. That being said, the Baltic States do have some cheaper food options in the form of local chains and fast food restaurants. Eating locally or eating outside of the busy tourists epicentres of the Baltic Capitals is cheaper.

Hostels and sleeping in The Baltics

Hostel dorms or privates along with AirBnB’s are usually your cheapest option in the Baltics region. If you’re doing a small tour of the Baltic Capitals on a budget trip then book dorms and don’t forget the big three party hostels, Jimmy Jumps House, The Naughty Squirrel and The Monk’s Bunk. We also stayed in a family owned hostel in Riga named Johnson’s House. I would highly recommend for couples and city breaks to Latvia.

Currency and ATM’s in The Baltic countries

The currency of the Baltic States region is Euro. ATM’s are widely available and most restaurants, bars, hostels and hotels all accept mastercard and visa. There is always a charge for withdrawing money overseas so to avoid this we got a Thomas Cook Cash Passport to use for this trip after a previous positive experience. For more information on Thomas Cook Cash Passport – Click here.

If you’re planning a trip to the Baltics or a Baltics Capitals tour then here’s my top tips for you. Have you visited Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia? Let me know in the comments box below.


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