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A beach sunset
An El Salvador beach sunset in Central America

I’m Bryony a 30 year old Manchester based Tourism Management graduate turned full time wanderluster and Digital Marketer and this is travelsandmore. A place created by me simply for travel and more, which is really just my musings, some budget travel tips and backpacking stories from Europe, Latin America and the world.

I’ve always had an overpowering desire to travel, which combined with my personality has spiraled over the last few years.

It all started when I went to work in Tuscany, Italy at the age of 18. Since my time in Italy, I’ve been to 36 different countries mainly in Europe and Latin America (North, Central and South).

I’ve also been to Cambodia as part of a Volunteer Tourism project that ended up inspiring my undergraduate dissertation. And I recently just returned from a trip to India too!

I’m a really impulsive and passionate person who’s completely obsessed with learning and developing as a human. I get quite obsessive over things and when I have an idea I find it hard to let it go, that’s also how most of my trips have begun. I don’t know whether it’s possible, but I somehow manage to be extremely indecisive and totally impulsive all at the same time. 

I like to chase things that are good for the soul and travel certainly seems to be one of those things.

Bolivia isla del sol

It’s probably obvious but I’m totally fanatical about the world, travel in general and culture and that’s how travelsandmore began. I’m forever searching for new experiences and always aim to ‘try anything once’. I’m still figuring out if that’s a philosophy or a curse. 

I generally class myself as an all-round lover of life and living and I hope by writing about my travels and more gives you the opportunity to see that. I have a profound love of adventure and some of my greatest moments have begun as crazy and badly planned exploits.

I live for the moments in life that take your breath away, where you look around and remember that you are truly living.

Is there anything as overwhelming as realising that the very moment you are in is one of the smaller moments that make up your entire life.

My favourite time of day is sunset and usually around this time you’ll find me barefoot on a beach with a cocktail in hand or alternatively sat at a desk dreaming about the former. 

Sustainable development and social responsibility are also things that are very important to me and they both come hand in hand with a traveller lifestyle. Peace, equality and diversity are fundamental principles of who I am and I travel with all of these at the heart of what I do.   

How travelsandmore began

I started travelsandmore in October 2015 with no real clue of what blogging actually entailed. It literally began as an outlet to document my travels and more, whatever the more in travelsandmore is.

I was one month into a six month trip through Central and South America and loved the idea of documenting my travels and photos to share with my friends and family.   

I uploaded posts to travelsandmore steadily during my six month trip and blogged about my favourite places and the things I’d experienced on the road. You can find everything from Cancun to La Paz on travelsandmore including everything in between.

Although travelsandmore started its life as just hobby for, I’ve always enjoyed storytelling and sharing experiences.

A lot has changed since I started writing here in 2015 but one thing has stayed the same, my desire to document my travels and inspire others with my infectious lust for life.