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Best rooftop bars Liverpool

Last Updated on July 8, 2019 by Bryony Clapperton

Being British means many things. But there’s one integral part of being British that is my absolute favourite trait of any Brit. That is, when the sun comes out, its time to hit the pub and find the best beer garden around.

That’s why I’ve pulled a list of where to find the best beer gardens in Liverpool and the best rooftop bars in Liverpool city centre.

The British Summer time doesn’t last long, so we all know we need to make the most of the warm weather when it comes. Liverpool is no exception to this rule.

So I’ve pulled together the best beer gardens in Liverpool so you can enjoy a fruity cider on in a beer garden or on a rooftop bar in Liverpool this summer.

The perfect guide for locals in Liverpool and tourists enjoying Liverpool for the first time. Here’s the best beer gardens and rooftop bars in Liverpool city centre and the local Liverpool area.

The best bars in Liverpool

After experiencing the first warm day of the year and feeling immensely proud to be British as I witnessed the scramble to a beer garden. I wanted to share some of my locals knowledge of the best places to enjoy the sun in Liverpool this summer and some of the best pubs in Liverpool.

Here’s all of the best places to enjoy a summer drink in Liverpool along with some of the ultimate lazy sunday afternoon beer gardens in and around the city centre.

The majority of these  are located in Liverpool city centre but I can promise you this is the only list of rooftop bars and beer gardens you’ll ever need!

If you’re spending some time in the city of Liverpool for the first time, you may want to check out a few more of my Liverpool locals guides.

The best rooftop bars in Liverpool

I love a rooftop bar.

I don’t know what it is about standing on a rooftop with a Bellini in my hand and looking down at the world that makes me feel so edgy. If you’re in Liverpool and are trying to suss out all the best places to go then look no further.

All of the places in this list can be found in Liverpool city centre and are mostly a stumbling distance from one another.

These best rooftop bars in Liverpool are all located directly in the sun and can be enjoyed only with an icy cocktail in hand and a pair of sunglasses this summer.

Roxy Ballroom

Roxy ballroom isn’t exclusive to Liverpool – it’s not an independent but it’s quirky style and top location allow it to fit into the Liverpool city centre bar scene setting perfectly.

Just off Hanover street with the entrance next to Lunya and Wahaca you’ll be able to find Roxy Ballroom at the top of the mega stairs (lift access available).

Head straight out onto the roof terrace to enjoy the sun and the scenery, you’ll want to grab a photo as you can catch some stunning views of the Liver Building from this Liverpool rooftop bar in late summer.

What makes Roxy Ballroom one of the best rooftop bars in Liverpool?

Roxy Ballroom is traditionally a ping pong and games bar but due to its single door entrance this unknown location is easily one of the less crowded suntraps in Liverpool.

Like any good bar and any of the best bars in Liverpool and serves both tasty fried food and great cocktails with questionably quirky names.

Believe it or not Roxy Ballroom isn’t the only rooftop bar to occupy this area, next door lives another which another chain known as the Mexican inspired Wahaca.

Crazy Pedros

I know exactly what you’re thinking, what an unlikely contender Crazy Pedro’s is a pizza and beer pong bar, but this Liverpool city bar is one of the best rooftop bars in Liverpool.

Let’s take a minute to think about this. Crazy Pedros is in a prime location for two reasons.

First of all, Crazy Peds gets the very last of the sun late into the evening making it the ultimate rooftop bar location.

Secondly, this hot spot can be seen from the bottom of Parr Street meaning if there isn’t a seat you save yourself the pain of walking all the way up those stairs to walk all the way back down.

The cocktails at Crazy Pedro’s, Liverpool are usually filled with tequila or mezcal and served frozen in classic red drinking cups. Whether you’ve come to eat a nacho pizza, or you’ve just stopped by for the beer pong Crazy Pedro’s is easily one of the best rooftop bars in Liverpool and seriously underrated.

If you’re planning on visiting Liverpool for the first time certainly add Crazy Pedros to your list of fave places to grab a frozen cocktail in Liverpool as this Liverpool hot spot has it all – great music included.

The Attic

Regarded as more of a terrace than a rooftop bar in Liverpool, The Attic still makes this list of best bars in Liverpool for a number of reasons.

If you plan on visiting any beer garden or terrace in Liverpool to enjoy great music and a totally chilled atmosphere then you’ll want to ensure you visit The Attic.

You’ll find The Attic just up the road from Crazy Pedro’s on Parr Street its out-the-way location means that although visible form the street, the rooftop of the attic doesn’t receive the same footfall as other bars in Liverpool city centre so this rooftop bar can be quiet when others often aren’t.

The Attic is also one of the really cool and trendy clubs in Liverpool city centre and the sun terrace doubles up as as chilled smoking area and garden by night.

Although the bar itself isn’t my fave by far, this little sun spot and secluded location make The Attic a perfect rooftop bar in Liverpool especially on a weekend when the BBQ is lit.

More of the must visit’s in Liverpool city centre;

  • Liverpool is also home to some other undoubtedly cool and chilled venues. Matou makes this list due to its location and Pan Asian cuisine. You’ll find Matou on top of the Mersey Ferry building overlooking the Mersey on one side and Pier Head on the other. Pretty impressive views.
  • Oh me oh my  has its famous rooftop garden known as Goodness Gracious, this rooftop sun trap makes this list as the most exclusive of the rooftop bars in Liverpool, known as a bit of a Secret Space located atop of West Africa House on Water Street this rooftop garden has some of the best views in the whole city but get there early on a warm weekend as they don’t take reservations.
  • If you fancy something a little different and something that’s slightly new to the city then you’ll want to check out Hus on Tithebarn Street. This rooftop venue describes itself as a social spot, bar, kitchen and hangout guaranteeing music and excellent times.

The best beer gardens in Liverpool

The Kazimer Garden

The Kazimier Garden is by far one of the greatest secret places in the city centre. Surviving when other bars in the same location (RIP Nation) could not.

The Kazimier Garden is not only a beer garden, but it is only a beer garden in Liverpool city centre.

With absolutely no indoor space this beer garden and restaurant make for the perfect summer setting often with live music and events on throughout the summer and into the autumn.

The make-shift kitchen at The Kazimier serves up some great eats and the bar is always stocked with a wide range of different beers too!

In the evening this turns from one of the best pubs in Liverpool to one of the best bars as the fairy lights are switched on and the music is turned up. Make sure you bring ID when visiting there’s almost always security on the door here.


This would not be the definitive list of great outside spaces and best beer gardens Liverpool without a quick mention of this Baltic Triangle favourite. One thing that always surprises me about Constellations is how big this venue is.

Usually packed with performers and food trucks there really is no better place to be when the sun is shining in Liverpool.

What makes Constellations one of Liverpool’s best beer gardens?

The edgy Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool is situated just outside the city centre and just off Jamaica Street. It’s a quick 20 minute walk from Liverpool One and totally worth it for the array of bars and outside parties you’ll find here.

Constellations is just one of the great watering holes in The Baltic Triangle, but if you fancy doing a bit of a best beer gardens tour of this area then be sure to check out The Botanical Garden and 24 Kitchen Street, although the latter is less visually impressive.

The best bars in Liverpool city centre and where to find them

When exploring bars in Liverpool City Centre in the sun, you’ll want to make a comprehensive list of these gems to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fabulous drink offers and amazing vibes on offer.

The definitive list of Liverpool’s’ best beer gardens, Liverpool city centre;

  • Check out The Merchant for gin cocktails and pizza slices in the back garden terrace. This is easily one of the best beer gardens in Liverpool and is surprisingly open most of the year too thanks to its heaters!
  • Along the Albert Dock in the sun you’ll find one of Liverpool’s busiest and overcrowded beer gardens, that would be The Pump House. Almost everyone passing by The Albert Dock attempts to grab a drink and find the seat in this unique Greene King Pub is it any wonder people often mention The Pump House as one of the best pubs Liverpool.
  • The Club House in Liverpool One always reminds me of a New England Hampton’s type building just stuck right in the middle of Liverpool One’s Paradise Street. This city centre hot spot is always packed and there’s always a wait on for tables, but it’s definitely one of Liverpool’s best beer gardens in a prime central location.
  • Concert Square. I thought about not including Concert Square in this list of best beer gardens in Liverpool but let’s admit it, Concert Square is everyone’s guilty pleasure. For tourists visiting Liverpool for the first time it’s likely you’ll stumble upon one of the bars in Liverpool city centre and be immediately drawn to the sounds and crowd of Concert Square. The bars here include McCooleys, Modo, Soho and the all new Einstein Bier Haus.

The best beer gardens outside Liverpool City Centre

The Bookhouse, Wavertree

This student classic is one of the most popular ans infamous beer gardens in Liverpool. The Brookhouse is a favourite with all – students and locals alike.

The cheap prices are unrivaled and the outside beer garden in the front make for the prime people watching location on Smithdown Road.

Located outside Liverpool city centre, The Bookhouse is easily one of the best pubs in Liverpool. In the height of summer you will not get a seat here so it’s advised to start early to ensure you grab a table in the sun.

The food is terrible, but the atmosphere is always a winner at The Brookhouse as it really is one of Liverpool’s most friendly pubs.

If you’re in the city centre and want to check out The Brookhouse, you’ll need to get the 86 bus from Liverpool One or somewhere else in the city centre. Ask the driver where’s best to jump off, but you can’t really miss this huge venue.

Along with The Brookhouse, The Willow Bank on Smithdown Road is always a favourite for watching sport in the sun with the big outside TV. Another popular Greene King pub with a sun trap beer garden out front.

If you prefer something a little more intimate the Mexican restaurant up the road called Evil Eye gives you a contemporary back garden beer terrace but don’t expect to get too much sun out there!

Love and Rockets, Lark Lane

Love and Rockets is in the ultra trendy and hipster area of Lark Lane, when you can get a seat in Love and Rockets you could easily spend all day testing out new beers, exploring the pizza menu and watching the Sefton Park goers pass you by from the front garden beer garden.

Although Love and Rockets is only small you can almost promise it will be busy with good times in the air.

Love and Rockets also screens all major sports and there’s enough screens to go round for important match days, but where you’ll really want to be is sat on one of the classic wooden pub benches outside in the sun.

You’ll probably want to explore Lark Lane if you’re just visiting Liverpool but believe me, Love and Rockets has no rivals on Lark Lane for the best beer garden.

The Dovedale Towers aka. The Dovey, Penny Lane

When you think of how iconic Penny Lane is to Liverpool there’s really no surprise that one of Liverpool’s best beer gardens is located in this area.

The Dovedale is a really cool pub in an even cooler building and if you’re into Sunday Roasts apparently this one is the best in town.

Enjoy a gin and tonic in the nice open beer garden in the front of this hidden gem pub. As it’s in a residential area, its mostly busy through the day rather than in the evening but it’s definitely one of Liverpool’s bigger and better beer gardens and squeezes onto this list of best pubs in Liverpool.

More of the best pubs and beer gardens in Liverpool

Best beer gardens and best pubs Liverpool and the Liverpool local area;

  • The Liberty Tavern ‘yard’ in Woolton Village is a great place to grab a quick drink in the sun along with the huge beer garden in The Liver Hotel/Pub in Waterloo.
  • If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful Weatherpersons with an outside space you may be tempted to check out The Fiveways in Childwall.

So there you have it, the only list you’ll need of best pubs and best beer gardens in Liverpool covering a wide range of top watering holes from the city centre to student favourites in Wavertree and more.

If you plan on visiting Liverpool this summer or perhaps you’re a local looking for a new local then you’ll want to keep a handy list of the best places to enjoy a cold one in Liverpool.

Feel like somethings missing? Why not leave a comment below and let me know your fave foortop bars and and beer gardens in Liverpool?

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