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Caleta Tankah Beach Club, Tulum

Last Updated on August 12, 2020 by Bryony Clapperton

You know this gal loves a tropical beach, so when the prospect of spending an afternoon at Caleta Tankah cenote and beach club came up in conversation I was all over it.

Travel to the Yucatan is truly incredible for anyone who loves a tropical paradise with a garnish of fun. Whether it’s Tulum or Cancun you prefer to visit the beach clubs can be found in abundance.

If you like to kick back and relax to the sounds of tropical house and are looking for the perfect place to do it then Caleta Tankah beach club in Tulum is one place I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Caleta Tankah cenote, Tulum

I first heard the words ‘Caleta Tankah’ when I first arrived in Tulum. I was in the area as part of a Mexico and Belize trip in June 2019.

We stayed at the incredible Boutique Hotel TerraNova and our amazing host Rafa kindly gave us a full breakdown on everything great there is to do in the area.

Top of the list was to visit the Caleta Tankah cenote and the popular beach club, I was instantly sold on this idea. The beach club is popular with tourists and locals who like to relax, swim and enjoy some great food in a fab setting.

With our time in Tulum and the Yucatan limited, we wanted to make sure we visited places that could provide us with lots to do and Caleta Tankah does just that.

Legs and pool
TerraNova pool
TerraNova Hotel in Tulum

Seagrassum in Tulum

The seagrassum in the area has been pretty bad recently, meaning the majority of beaches along the Yucatan coast are less white sand and more brown weed.

Seagrassum is something that naturally happens every year, recently the volume of this has increased and there are some concerns about the ongoing impacts of seagrassum on tourism and the environment.

As someone who is only recently learning about the impact of seagrassum, I was shocked to see the once clear blue beaches of Cancun that I remember, far more brown that I expected.

Because of the seagrassum the usually picturesque beaches of the Parque Nacional Tulum were much less photogenic than usual during our time in the area.

Fortunately for us our host Rafa let us in on a little local secret about a beach unaffected by the seagrassum. The name of this magical seagrassum-free beach is Caleta Tankah.

As soon as I knew we’d be seaweed free I was even more invested in a trip.

Caleta Tankah beach club
Caleta Tankah

The beach club and hotel

Let me explain Caleta Tankah to you. Caleta Tankah is basically a big blue cenote, but unusually it’s on the beach.

The area is a beach and a cenote, but also a beach club and hotel. So for the price of an entrance to the beach club, you can swim in the cenote, enjoy the beach and enjoy the club facilities.

Alternatively, you can actually stay here at the hotel if you want too.

Uniquely the coastline of Caleta Tankah beach is broken by a large blue freshwater cenote. Half of which is on the sand, the other half is in the ocean.

It’s a strange concept to explain so I’ll let the below picture tell the story.

You can see the circular cenote with it’s clear blue waters sits in the perfect position on Caleta Tankah beach.

Cenote on the beach
Icy blue views at Caleta Tankah Beach Club

Entrance to Caleta Tankah beach club

Caleta Tankah beach club is open from 9:00am to 5:30pm. You have to pay a small entrance fee to enter through the club of around 150 Pesos per person.

In Mexico all beaches are technically free to the public, however I did not see a public access to this beach so I would expect to pay the fee.

You pay the fee at the entrance to the road and receive a wrist band to gain access. There are toilets and a bar and restaurant at the beach club.

Caleta Tanka Beach Club is also a popular hotel so if you do fancy it you can stay here.

From main Tulum you can grab a quick taxi to Caleta Tankah. This will cost you around 400 – 600 Pesos.

Facilities at Caleta Tankah cenote

There is actually more than one cenote at Caleta Tankah, a small nature trail from the beach will take you to another cenote in the jungle.

This one is more of a traditional cenote rather than the unique Caleta Tankah cenote in the ocean but it’s still amazingly refreshing to swim in.

There is a small dock for you to sit and chill on too and of course if you have been in the sea it’s a great way to wash off in fresh water.

There are sun loungers and umbrellas free of charge once you enter the beach club, showers and a life guard on duty at all times.

There is also a restaurant and bathroom facilities within the beach club as it is actually a hotel.

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