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Now you’ve had a browse of my blog and learnt all about where travelsandmore began, why not check out some of the work I’ve done outside travelsandmore?

Work and features

Holiday Gems: The Dream Destinations and Holiday Habits of the UK’s Top Travel Bloggers

ROL Cruise: The Best Beer Gardens in Europe

Medical Travel Compared as a regular guest blog author.

Do you want to work with me?

So you might (hopefully) potentially want to work with me, here’s what I can do for you;

  • Travel writing: Content production that’s completely bespoke and unique to you, this could be regular guest posting or a one time thing.
  • Honest and truthful reviews: If you have a product or hostel that suits my niche and want to get it in front of my readers, why not let me review it?
  • Sponsored content: Let me show my users your services with a sponsored post.
  • Advertise on my site: I’m not a big fan of blogs with lot’s of ads, but if you have the right product and want to use some of the space on my site then let’s talk!

My readers

So you might want to also figure out who my readers are and exactly where my audience is from.

45% of my readers are aged 25 – 34 , 61% are female with most of these people visiting from the U.K, USA, Canada, France and Germany.


Voted number 7 in the Trips Top 10 Budget Travel Blogs of 2018