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The map below should give you a little insight into all the fabulous destinations I’ve travelled to.

  • Blue: Country
  • Pink: City
  • Yellow: Notable landmark or World Wonder

Once you’ve finished browsing the map use the search bar to the right to search through travel posts and articles from all my favourite destinations. Or scroll down to see some popular destinations.

Popular Destinations

Travel Facts

Total countries visited: 35

Last Trips: New York & India

Previous Trips;

Upcoming Trips for 2022: Finally, the world seems to be getting back to ‘normal’, whatever that means. But in terms of travel, it means more frequent trips and fewer restrictions – for now anyway.

So with the future looking a little brighter for travel, I’m heading to Palma in April 2022 with a trip to Cyprus booked for June 2022. Let’s hope nothing changes between now and then and I can share some updates and inspo.

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