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The top 5 UK holidays for all budgets

Last Updated on February 4, 2020 by Bryony Clapperton

The UK is as good a place as any to be the host of your summer holidays this year. Surprisingly, stay-cation type holidays can work out to be just as budget friendly as a lat-minute get away to Europe.

With plenty of unique, charming locations dotted around the UK that offer something for every kind of holidaymaker.

So, whether it’s beaches, activities, adventures, or attractions you’re looking for, the UK has it to offer. Check out our top 5 UK holiday destinations below to discover your new favourite tourist spot!

1) Isle of Wight

To start, let’s take a look at one of the many isles that can be found around the UK – the Isle of Wight.

Located just off the south coast beneath Southampton, this off-shore location is a great spot for those of you who are looking for tranquil beaches.

The calmer waters that are found on the island are great throughout the summer months, so you can head out into the water and swim to your heart’s content.

Attractions-wise, the Isle of Wight is one of the UK’s top spots. There’s plenty of sights to see and things to do.

For music lovers there’s even the world-famous Isle of Wight music festival which draws huge crowds every summer and gives you the chance to witness some of the world’s biggest artists!

2) The Lake District

Back to the mainland, the Lake District is one of the most scenic regions in the country, so for breath-taking views, you simply have to head for the lakes!

You can choose to stick by one body of water such as Windermere, Ullswater, or Derwentwater, or travel between each to see the unique sights, activities and history available at each.

The area is simple and accessible to navigate and the views are to die for.

The Lake District is a particularly popular area for dog-owners, you’ll find lots of dog-welcoming heritage sites and accommodation in the lakes.

You can find some of the best hotels in the lake district at Lake District Hotels, who have various locations across the region to offer everything from fun, family packed holidays all the way to romantic spa getaways.

3) Scottish Highlands

Now for our most northerly holiday spot, the Scottish Highlands.

The subject of some of the most famous fables and stories of all time, the Highlands are the perfect place to spend your holiday if you’re looking for a truly magical setting.

Those mysterious hills, mountains, and streams carve a gorgeous landscape to explore via the hundreds of hiking trails. So if you’re an active and nature-loving traveller you’ll have the time of your life here.

It’s not just hiking either – you’ll be able to experience some of the finest quality whisky on the planet just a metaphorical stone’s throw away from where it was crafted. 

If you’re interested in more (allegedly) mythical adventures, a visit to Loch Ness is the ultimate bucket list destination.

You’ll be able to learn the stories of the Loch, visit reported sighting points, or even have a go at spotting the infamous Nessie yourself!

4) Bournemouth

Back to reality, the relaxing sandy beaches of Bournemouth, which are actually rated as the UK’s best beaches for 2019, are a great location to visit for a relaxing summer getaway.

The golden sand beaches, some of which are blue flag beaches, are amongst the most incredible in the UK, giving you that tropical vibe without having to break the bank or leave the country.

Water sports are a huge feature of the south coast and Bournemouth – you can take part in paddle boarding, surfing, jet-skiing, kayaking, or even a pier-to-shore zipline for the adrenaline-junkies amongst us!

Sealife enthusiasts will love the local aquariums in Bournemouth, where you can see some of the indigenous fish from the surrounding waters! 

5) The English Riviera

With a name inspired by its French counterpart, the English Riviera is one of the most timeless places in the UK.

It’s a combination of local seaside towns that are incredibly popular tourist locations, which each have their own special feel, culminating in one spectacular holiday location.

Combining Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham, there’s something for every visitor on the English Riviera.

Check out harbours, beaches, and glorious gardens throughout the Torbay region, then head into the 3 seaside towns to experience the local culture, cuisine, and quirks that each town has to offer!

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