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Travel Hacks: Booking your flights – Part 2

Last Updated on March 25, 2018 by Bryony Clapperton

You may have recently noticed a whole load of crazy Ryanair flight promotions and deals. These have been in the media a lot recently and trending worldwide on twitter. In October, Ryanair decided to do some crazy £2 flights for November. “£2 hot too handle” Remember that?

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Following the success and extended worldwide publicity of this its Brexit special flight sale, Ryanair decided to host a Trump special promo. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who didn’t manage to grab a Ryanair cheap flight or Trump shaped bargain during this time. I did, and I’m going to let you into a couple of secret tactics and some of the ultimate travel hacks I’ve picked up when trying to grab bargain flights on the Ryanair website.

This is just a short travel hack post but it’s one you’ll definitely want stick to when looking for bargain flights around Europe. This can also work with SkyScanner so it’s better to be a bit travel hack savvy than miss out. It’s time to be ahead of the game.

When browsing bargain flights it’s always important to remember these crucial hacks, get your pen and paper at the ready or even better, bookmark this page for later;


Browse incognito – don’t let your cookies or your browser history catch you out. Now, there’s only so much I can say here without actual facts as no one really knows but try searching for a flight a few hours later and don’t be surprised if this price goes up. Browse in an incognito window and see that price return to it’s original. This applies to Ryanair and SkyScanner.


 Browse flights and dates normally then add specific details in when booking. I found this to be key when I booked my Ryanair £2 flights to Dublin. I was unable to browse my dates and then select the flights I wanted. The Ryanair website was just not cooperating and I kept getting frustrated. I wrote down a little list of flight details I was interested in. I then opened my incognito tab to book. I specifically entered the details of those flights Liverpool – Dublin for 2 people on the specific times and dates the £2 flights were available. I was easily able to book. This is Ryanair specific but a great way to get an unresponsive website to cooperate by being specific with your search.

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 For Ryanair always add the correct number of people you want to fly with during your search, you can’t add more people at the check out. If it’s taken you 30 minutes to get to the check out there’s nothing more soul destroying than realising you’re booking your chosen flight for one person and have to go back. I’m assuming the Ryanair website works on a queue system when these deals are on. Similar to festival websites that deal with a large capacity of bookers at once.


Sign up to the newsletter. Yes, it can be annoying but its worth it to be the first to know about these incredible flash sales. Many people I have spoken to only found out through social media when it was too late to grab a bargain. Don’t miss out!
£4 return – don’t mind if I do

Many of these little life saving travel hacks can be used across various different booking platforms. It’s always safe to keep cookies in mind when continuously watching flights and hotel deals. Try out these travel hacks when you’re next booking your flights and enjoy the fruits of your travel hacking in the form of a bargain flight.


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