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Travel Hacks: Staying safe in the sun

Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by Bryony Clapperton

Now, I’m a self-proclaimed sun-worshiper, but even as a sun-worshiper the frequent traveller in me knows how important it is to protect your skin and stay safe in the sun.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Holiday Gems and I’m bringing you my travel hacks and top tips for being sun savvy and staying safe in the sun, because we all know how important sun safety is.

Travel hacks for Sun Safety

Let’s be honest we can all name a time in our lives where we have stayed in the sun a little longer than required and ended up with sunburn.

Here’s a list of my top 5 travel hacks and tips for staying safe in the sun on your next trip.Travel hacks for Sun Safety

Sun cream

Sun cream is not the enemy, you should apply fresh sun cream more than regularly and always follow the instructions on the bottle. Make sure your cream is not past the expiry date and always try to keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and in a coolish place.

Travel Hack: Invest in some Lip Balm with SPF to protect your lips from sunburn.  

A lot of people including myself aren’t too clued up on how SPF factors work so I’ve done some research to put together in basic terms SPF and how it works. Figuring SPF out is certainly a tip for staying safe in the sun. Once you’ve sussed it out, you’re more likely to follow sun safety better.

How does SPF work?

Generally, if you burn after being in the sun 10 minutes SPF 15 should enable you to stay in the sun 15 times longer that means for 150 minutes.

If you can usually stay in the sun for 20 minutes SPF 15 should enable you to stay in the sun for 300 minutes (that’s 5 hours) and so on.

Obviously I’d still recommend reapplying every 10-20 minutes and I’d definitely say if you start to feel yourself getting red it’s time to cover up or stay indoors. For more information visit

Accessories for the sun

Hats, shades, bandannas, cover-ups and more. These are the real sun savvy travel hacks. Not only will you obviously look stylish as hell in a bandanna you’ll be protected from the sun and be able to stay cooler for longer.  

Sun accessories are definitely your friend too and long with sun cream, they can guarantee protection from the sun. Whether its a baseball hat for you or a sun hat it’s important to keep your head covered during periods of extreme sun exposure.

Burning your scalp can lead to sunstroke and some pretty gruesome peeling skin. When visiting local markets on holiday, tourists attractions or even a long day at the beach make sure you’ve got your sun kit at the ready to help you stay safe in the sun.

It’s worth noting that most sunglasses are also available with UV protection. For more information check out these FAQ’s.

Hydration for your body and skin

Number three on the list of sun hacks for staying safe in the sun is a big one for me. Remembering to stay hydrated isn’t always the easiest and it’s not only our body that needs hydration After a long day in the sun your skin also craves that hydration.

An after sun or intensive body moisturiser is always recommended after spending time in the sun. My favourite after sun’s almost always have Aloe Vera in it’s the best way to avoid the lobster look.

For a little more on Staying safe in the sun and avoiding the ‘Lobster Look’ check out Holiday Gems.

Its okay to cover up!

It’s okay to cover up in the sun. There is no shame in swimming in a T-shirt to avoid burning your shoulders and this applies to young children.

If you have fair skin or find yourself burning easily regardless to how much sun cream you apply then this sun hack is aimed at you. Find some shade, limit your exposure and don’t be afraid to cover up.

Always remember to cover up young children and babies on holiday to avoid nasty sun burn and unhappy little ones and to keep them safe in the sun.

Take care of sunburn the right way

If you are not able to master these travel hacks for staying safe in the sun and you end up with sun burn it’s important you care for your sunburn correctly.  

Sunburn is a nightmare, especially if you have many other days in the sun ahead of you. Sunburn is irritating and sore and can occasionally even bubble and blister. In severe cases sun burn can last days even weeks.

If you have sunburn follow the above travel hacks, limit your sun exposure and stay out of the sun when possible. Use after sun regularly to cool the skin and take anti inflammatory painkillers as instructed on the box as they can also help with tenderness and stinging.

For more information on treating sunburn visit the NHS website.

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