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Below you’ll find a list of all my favourite travel resources. I have collated a list of all the services and sites I use regularly to help planning your trip easy.

If you have any specific questions about planning your upcoming trip feel free to contact me.

Travelling during Covid-19

It’s fair to say 2020 has been a bit of a non-starter when it comes to travel. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly given the tourism industry (among other things) a bit of a shake up.

If you’re thinking of travelling during the pandemic, find out from Love Holidays how to travel responsibility during Covid-19.


For flights I always use Skyscanner to compare cheap flights. A great hack is to filter by month and everywhere to browse deals.

STAtravel offer an amazing £50pp flight deposit option too, that’s one worth checking out for more expensive flights! You can’t book it online, you can only use it in store but its an amazing way to kick start a trip.

Holidays and packages

For Package Holidays I’m a big fan of loveholidays. I booked a 4 day trip to Ibiza with them using their deposit scheme. Great for booking advance and paying off monthly. You can usually book a holiday with a deposit of as little as £25pp.

For browsing holiday goodness I always use Travel Republic, I do find some of these online booking engines better than traditional travel agents, you can always filter by the budget options!

For full package deals First Choice is also my go to and I’ve booked a couple of long-haul breaks through them.

Hotels and hostels

As a budget travel lover Hostelworld is always my go to for scoping our prices and accommodation before a trip.

I check all my reviews on TripAdvisor and I semi-regularly review too.

If you are travelling Europe I can highly recommend Generator Hostels.

For South America check out the backpacker Loki Hostel chain mainly located in Peru and Bolivia.

Budget and specialist travel insurance

For Travel Insurance I prefer to book annual but I know that isn’t always appropriate for smaller trips.

For my 6 Month Latin America Trip I booked travel insurance with Alpha. I got multi-destination annual backpacker insurance for a great price.

For specialist medical travel insurance you can use Medical Travel Compared where you can compare all different types of insurance here for pre-existing medical conditions, you can use this service if you don’t have pre-ex conditions too!

Travel guides and useful links

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of Lonely Planet. I buy all my travel guides from Lonely Planet and have built up quite the collection.

Secret Traveller is filled with helpful tips and interesting articles from 1Cover’s Secret Travel blog. Trips 100 is the best place to go for the hot 100 of travel bloggers in the UK right now.

Travel blogs are always the best travel resources in my opinion. A few of my favourites include along dusty roads, Lost with Purpose and Alex in Wanderland.